When at a crossroads I met…


B a n q u e t


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D e v i l ‘ s B l u e


T i n G o d s

Expressive experiments.
Test driving a new lens.
City scenes are next.
So very long.

Fashion, Revisited

It’s been two and a half months, since I’ve last shared any images on here. Exams took their toll on me, and the pressure at my job didn’t exactly contribute to my well-being either, but things have somewhat died down.

So here we are now. Lots and lots of pent-up emotions, asking to be expressed.


Only recently, I was given the chance to do a fashion shooting. Fashion being partly responsible for making me pick up the camera (I admired Scott Schuman at the time), and being offered the opportunity of working with a model for the first time, I couldn’t refuse. The shoot was fun, but time was extremely scarce, and I had no choice but to post-process the requested images in a single night on a working day. You can imagine that this didn’t result in the most satisfactory of outcomes. Still, I gave it my best effort with the selection and hours I was given, so I hope everyone’s happy.

Dealing with other people’s ideas and cooperating was a worthwhile experience that I’m glad I could make, and definitely a primer on doing collaborations in general. If you can participate in a project with other motivated people, do it, even if it seems like a lot of work!

However, when it comes to sufficiently expressing your vision and ensuring work that is complete in itself, passing the wheel during your part doesn’t fly. Should I ever do another shoot, time and permission to make choices of my own volition will probably be a prerequisite.


The following photo essay is my preferred selection, coupled with the processing I felt was needed to bring out the appeal I wanted to convey.


Fashion Design: Ken Kumagai

Model: Philipp Oberthaler








All of the shots are in black and white, because I think it suits Philipp, avoids the mildly clashing colors of the location and fits the compositions better. Still, Ken’s fashion collection was the focal point of the shooting (he’s up for award consideration) and inspired by the ambience of youth and baseball, so I can absolutely understand his request for color and nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary. Now that I could go a little crazy on the shots that weren’t chosen previously, I’m satisfied with the affair too. All in all, the whole thing was pretty awesome!

Next up is a series of abstract portraits that I had started before my absence. This will account for the “dreamy stuff” I was promising last time. Plus, I found nice and cheap legacy lenses online, of which I’ve already got one in the mail. The old, heavy glass feels like you’re shooting through a gem. More about that on another date.

Talking about gems, I’ve completed the first two pieces in my crown of sonnets and a couple other poems. Read them over at 7snf.


So long.




I’ve been feeling moderately creative lately, so I thought I’d take my chances and capture some of those delusions.

Ultimately, I found myself shooting funny looking buildings, not dressed for the frosty occasion, in the midst of winds fierce enough to take the entirety of my tripod+camera with them.

The images turned out okay, and I got to work my angle wizardry, so all is well.



This is Austria’s tallest building. Construction was finished not too long ago. It’s a fancy hotel with office floors, so the place looks pretty neat design-wise.



I wanted to give this one a title, but nothing good came to mind. I’ll revisit it later. Maybe. Same with the post title.

The waves look a lot like sand dunes on the RAW file…



Seeing all kinds of weird shapes and contraptions is probably my favourite aspect of architectural photography. Playing with, and seemingly liquifying, geometric forms is fun. Also, I actually managed to use the tiny (14mm focal length on m43) moon.



Color. I want to invest myself in color. I stumbled upon inspiration that had me radically rethink how I see color in photography. With the few ideas I have, I will attempt to output new takes on color photography with (one of) the next post(s).



This may be my favourite from the crop. I think the composition really works and it has something unidentifiable.


Next up is dreamy afternoon kind of stuff, if everything goes as planned.


So long!




Interruption of the regular flow of rhythm. To play off-beat.

Experimentation. Disregard of any norm.

Moments all to yourself, ready to be shared.

This is where I’m hoping to take my ambitions.


edit: Re-sharpened images and slight adjustments. Web display needs to be striking, I guess…

edit2: Decided to add borders via CSS, because that’s the only way now. I’m also returning to black, because it provides the much needed anchor point for your eyes.


So, following up my revival and expected blunders, I’ve decided to just be bold and do whatever the heck I want. Everything is way more fun this way.



It took forever to create this one. Hours of grinding on my tablet. I like how it turned out and will continue to explore that alley. In fact, it brings matte/digital painting a lot closer, which really piques my interest.

40 seconds of exposure, in case you’re wondering.


Sullen Waves and Dropping Stars

Not too much to say here, except that space is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, if not the biggest. The crown of sonnets I’ve announced for 7snf in my last post will also feature a galactic traveler.



Color! Wooo! It’s been ages. I almost turned it black and white when I figured out an interesting alternate take at the end of my workflow, but opted for color still. I adore the vivid sculptures that reflective surfaces cast off. The park I visited for this shot was incredibly relaxing. I’ll be sure to hang there again.



This one, too, took large amounts of picking on my tablet and out of the box thinking to create. Throwing rules and restrictions out of the window is like a fresh breeze of air. I’ll only abide by the rules when they lead me to something beautiful. It’s simple, but therein lies the answer.


Listen to Wes Montgomery. All that jazz!


So long!



Night Time Is The Right Time -3-

Well, that was a long break. Time to scrape off the rust.

I’m unsure of where to take my photography next, but for the time being, simply moving forward will do.

You can find the last entry of this series here.


edit: I’ve changed the images, thus re-publishing.

edit2: Put borders back here too.


After finally coming to terms with personal matters, I’m filled with courage and zest yet again. Moving out of my artistic rut is overdue.

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve overhauled both roundtableism and 7snf. Admitting to myself that people use their phone instead of a desktop computer to browse content these days led me to optimize both sites for mobile devices.

As implied above, I need to un-rust, so cut me some slack.




This one I took on an unexpected nightly stroll. First time I had my camera with me in weeks. The idea was to abstract lantern-lit treetops. Most of the shots weren’t remotely worth keeping. Ha.

I really hate using high ISO. There’s no other way to get usable images hand-held at night, but it’s absolutely incomparable to the quality you get with a tripod and base or low ISO. (see previous posts of the series)


Flowers for…


I hope you can see a message in this image. This too was taken hand-held at ISO3200. I care even less about the conventional rules of photography now, so I’m slowly changing up the processing to fit my vision better.

edit: Completely re-did the computer part for this one, because it was eye-cancer inducing. The shame.


There’s a few other captures in the pipeline. Let’s see what I can make out of them. I also want to mention that the new WordPress changes suck quite a bit. Blogging gets more streamlined and dumbed down by the minute. I guess I won’t get around hosting my own site at some point in the future.


Plus – some new things on 7snf and about to start a crown of sonnets.


So long!




It took quite a bit of time and mustering of wills, but here it goes: new street photography. At last.

Not only street, but also a crude attempt at re-discovered abstraction it is.

The cold, not-so-festive-anymore inner parts of Vienna wound up as my canvas once again. Busy evening lights and people going about their leisure to relieve the stress of mundane days.

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